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Fitting a rider on their bike is about getting the perfect compromise between comfort and performance.

A bit fit is critical to improve you position allowing greater efficiency and reducing the change of injury.

There are different levels of bike fit depending on whether you are a commuter or novice rider to those competing seriously in events from road racing to triathlons.

This bike fit involves:

Off bike

- Biomechanical assessment

- Injury history

- Goal setting.

On Bike: 

- Posture - back, neck, shoulder, wrist positions

- Saddle height adjustment

- Handlebar set up

- Shoe & cleat set up

- Advice on orthotics, wedging 

This combination of the physiotherapy side and bike fitting is about balancing the person and their bike based on their physical make up and needs.


Whether you are cycling for fun, recovering from injury or training for your next race we can design as bespoke plan for your needs. 

  • If you are recovering from injury we can assess and design a comprehensive treatment plan

  • If you are looking to improve performance we can build a plan to work on your weaknesses and make you more resilient.

Bike fitting & cycle rehab: My Practice
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