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We deliver expert assessment and treatment of upper and lower limb conditions​

  • Ankle pain and injuries

  • Knee pain and injuries – ACL & knee ligament injuries, meniscus, degenerative changes, arthritis

  • Low back pain – muscle & ligament strains, disc injuries, nerve pain, sciatica

  • Shoulder pain and injuries – rotator cuff tears, degenerative changes, ACJ injuries, labral injuries, instability

  • Neck pain – Whiplash, postural pain, disc injuries, muscle spasm

  • Gait analysis / running assessment (See running clinic page)

  • Cycle assessment – position & injury management (see bike fitting / cycle clinic page)

Sports Injuries

  • We treat athletes from any of these sports – triathlon, running, cycling, football, rugby, golf, tennis, martial arts, skiing, weight lifting,

  • Tendinopathies

  • Muscle tears

  • Fractures

Orthopaedic Surgery rehabilitation

  • Spinal surgery – disectomies, fusions, nerve root injections

  • Knee surgery – ACL (prehabilitation and rehabilitation) total knee replacements, arthroscopies, MCL & LCL injuries and repairs

  • Hip surgery – cam lesions, total hip replacements, post fracture

  • Ankle surgery – Ligament & tendon reconstruction, arthroscopies, Bunion surgery


Your treatment plan will be bespoke for you but options could be:

  • REHABILITATION EXERCISES - To build flexibility, strength and control

  • RETURN TO SPORT PLANS - Building graded return to sport programs building you in a progressive way back to your goals.

  • MANUAL THERAPY – Massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, 

  • TAPING – Sports and postural taping

  • ACUPUNCTURE - Dry needling and acupuncture for muscle spasm, acute and chronic pain, wellness

FACE TO FACE sessions with MIKE HARROP are at Physio Space clinic in Penylan (Cardiff)

HOME VISITS are around the Cardiff & South Wales area

Physiotherapy (Face to face): My Practice
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